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Act Now - Pivot Later

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - Nelson Mandela

Have you ever noticed how sport is a lot like life?  I know Rugby League is often used as a comparison.  They say there’s something about being driven to the ground and getting up after each tackle that mirrors life.  Not that I can verify it myself, but someone I'm pretty close to can confirm that it’s true.

Lots of sports have well-known sayings relevant to preparation and training or qualities and attributes needed to play the game.  Usually, the quotes are about teamwork and getting the job done while under duress.  For example:

“True character is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure - the greater the pressure, the deeper the revelation, the truer the choice to the character's essential nature.” - Robert McKee

Loosely translated I think this means: Character is revealed when pressure is applied.

I love all sports, but today I want to talk about netball and in particular, the pivot technique used when playing netty.  I know there are pivots in other sports.  Rugby league uses their number 6 as a pivot.  Players pivot in basketball and while it’s similar, I know the game of Netball way better so I'll stick with it, haha.

The pivot technique is when you plant one foot, you have the ball securely in your hands and you move around while keeping the planted foot fixed in the initial position.  Then you look for opportunities.

Where should the pass go?  Where is your next best move?  You could be planning ahead for the next couple of moves or you could be trying to get the ball to your goal shooter.  After all, the aim of the game is to score points.

But whatever it is that you're planning, for now, you are planting one foot and pivoting for your best options.  You’re looking for your best way forward.  This is the same with any decision we make - exercise routines, jobs, or life decisions.

Occasionally you just need to make a decision.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t change at a later date.  Sometimes you're better off just diving in now and then changing things up when you’ve checked out all of your options.

After all, no decision is, in itself, a decision.

Create a solid foundation

Where you plant your foot is important. If you’re too close to the sideline you'll only be able to pivot a certain way.  If you plant closer to the middle of the court, you'll be able to pivot 360 degrees. Set yourself up with a solid foundation and give yourself room to move.


Investigate opportunities that are available to you. Try out new skills and see if you like them.  Can they help you head in the direction you want to go?


Test the water.  See if everything you have learned works.  Do you need something else or are you set?


Move towards your goal. Remember it may not be in a direct straight line.  But just starting is a great step forward.

And like a game of netball, you won’t pivot just once.  You'll probably have a series of pivots.  Every time you receive that ball you should look for options.  Do your research, compare what’s available.

One thing we tend to do once we have the ball is - hesitate. Then we only take shallow glimpses. Remember, lift your head, look around at all areas of the court and don't be scared to put in the long ball if that’s what your goal or intention is.

Basically what I am saying is ‘Dream Big’. Never limit how far you can throw that ball.

And just because you have made a decision and taken the leap don’t think you’re stuck there forever.  Learn new skills and try new things. Keep adding to what you already know, you'll improve your options.

Have you stopped to pivot?  Let me know!

Rach xx

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