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3 Great Reasons to Start Your Exercise Routine Today - Before the New Year!

Do you have a busy festive season planned? Work parties, partner’s work parties, neighbourhood parties, friends’ parties and not to mention Christmas Day and New Year!

All that eating and drinking ... (sorry, I was drooling on the keyboard) Do you think that if you start your exercise program today you will ‘undo’ all the great work that you've just done?

You're way better off making a start now. Even if you fall off the wagon over Christmas and New Year just climb straight back on again. This will place you in a much better position for 2020 and all of those resolutions you want to make! The earlier you start a habit the easier it will be to stick with.

One popular method to start a habit is the 21/90 rule. It’s simple and could be a winner for you. Commit to a personal goal for 21 straight days, once you’ve established the habit. Continue for another 90 days.

Sure, you could wait until January but why not get a jump on the new year? Start your habit today. Even if you have a few big nights (and days) you will still be ahead.

First Great Reason – Feel Fit!

With a couple of weeks of regular exercise before the party season, you will feel fitter and your clothes will fit better. You will have more stamina to hang in with your friends and recover better the next day.

And because you’ve made a start on exercise and can see a difference, you’ll be more likely to take the celebrations slow.

Second Great Reason – Stronger!

I promise I’m not going to break into the Kelly Clarkson song, but I totally get it if you want to, I’ll wait ….

And I’m not saying that you will be competing on Australian Ninja Warrior before New Year’s Eve. But if you start an exercise routine today you will definitely be on your way to a stronger you.

Also, exercise can have an amazing effect on the mind. A recent study by University of Alabama at Birmingham has found that resistance exercise, such as weightlifting, benefits cognitive abilities like attention, reasoning and memory.

So, if you want to remember where you left your phone on Christmas Day you need to start that exercise ASAP!

Once you have started your journey to a stronger body, which then helps to promote a stronger mind, your self-confidence goes to another level as well. You start a healthy cycle of feeling good about yourself which in turn leads to you wanting an increase in the exercise which gives greater results and leads you to feel even better about yourself.

Third Great Reason (and my favourite) – Train to Eat.

You’ve heard me say this a lot. But it’s true. I love training but I especially love that if I train enough it gives me the luxury to eat (and drink) pretty much whatever I want.

I am a foodie and love to eat and try new tastes. I like to feel comfortable that I have ‘done enough’ to allow me not to second guess what I’m eating and you can do the same.

Here's some of my favourite music to train to:


Kendrick Lamar


Iggy Azalea

What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)

Kelly Clarkson


Katy Perry


Destiny’s Child


Sofi Tukker

Lose Yourself


Whatever It Takes

Imagine Dragons

These 3 great reasons to start your exercise routine today are just a suggestion to start moving. You may have other ideas and I’d love to hear them.

To be continued ……

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