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My Top 5 Wellness Tips – Get the Most Out of Your Day

Do you ever have those days where you run flat out all day? You have this great plan in your head of what you need to do to get the most out of your day. But it doesn’t always work out the way you’ve planned. Sometimes, it feels like someone has a remote control to your life and they’ve hit fast forward the minute you open your eyes.

You experience life at a thousand miles per hour while searching for school uniforms, matching socks and school-lunch appropriate food. These types of days typically follow a late-night (usually caused by children’s nightmares, children’s tummy ache or just children in general. And yes, you got me, sometimes caused by having an adult life!)

You race around like superwoman and just when you think that you may get your kids to school before the bell and avoid becoming known as ‘that mother’, your nephew (who you are babysitting) lands a jump on their face instead of their feet.

His crying muffles the sound of a bottle of cooking oil smashing on the kitchen floor and you don’t notice the spreading liquid until the dogs choose that exact moment to run through the house and straight through the mess.

Between the crying toddler, late to school kids and oily paw prints you have this vision of yourself, back in bed with the covers pulled up over your head. That calm image is suddenly shattered by your phone ringing. You glance at the screen hoping it is someone you can call back later. And of course, it's not ...

Ok, so maybe every day isn’t like this. But I have them and I bet you do too. Those days when you need all of your strength just to get out the door. You can’t afford to get sick. It’s important for you to stay well. (After all, you have that mess to clean up after school drop off!)

No, seriously you have to look after yourself. So, whether it is a day starter, a midday pick-me-up or a daily sniffle fighter, I have something for you. They’re all products I swear by. They’re my 5 wellness tips to help you get the most out of your day. No matter what sort of day you are having.

Fire Tonic by Hilbilby – I use this for everything, from a shot in the morning (it kickstarts my metabolism) to adding it to salads. This little bottle of goodness is handmade in Torquay, and my favourite way to have it is in a hot drink! A shot of Fire Tonic, fresh lemon with a dash of honey. I’ve found it soothes a sore throat and helps aid with digestion.

SB Floractiv by BioCeuticals - We all know that Gut health plays such a crucial role in our overall health. Naturopath and nutritionist Jess Blair is a great read if you want more information on this topic.

Honestly, though, maintenance is the key to tummy wellness, and I find SB Floractiv taken daily helps immensely. In fact, I know when I haven’t taken this – I can feel it! And if you travel, this is your best friend, your own little travel buddy. Take this with you to every destination, both local and overseas. It helps to balance the bacteria in your stomach and lets you enjoy your holiday.

ArmaForce by BioCeuticals – This is an everyday tablet that I take especially in the colder months. As soon as you feel the slightest bit run down or you can feel the symptoms of a niggly cold catching up to you, take this. It helps you either knock it on the head before it arrives or aids in lessening the severity of the cold or flu.

Vital Greens Supplement – Add it to your smoothie, add it to your juice or just drink it in a glass of water. This bad boy tops up all the nutrients you may be missing from your everyday diet.

I credit this with getting my health back on track after being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease at 21. I swear by this!

The Healthy Chef Protein Range by Teresa Cutter – This protein is a saviour in my household. Normally I am hungry in the morning and running late to get out the door to do school drop off, so a smoothie is my go-to. I can always find one of Teresa’s delicious recipes to make quickly. They are also brilliant for fulfilling that 3 pm craving. The protein is delicious, there’s no hidden bad stuff and it doesn’t make you bloated or feel heavy. You can also mix in a scoop of Healthy Chef Organic Superfood along with berries, coconut water and half a banana and that’s breakfast served as you walk out the door.

No matter how busy or crappy your day gets, I think you can cope way better if you can stay well. There will still be chaos and you will still run late but life seems easier when you’re well.

Do you have any products you feel make a difference to your wellbeing? Please share your tips for getting the most out of your day below. I would love to know what they are.

I’m off to clean up the oily paw prints and find the person with that damn remote control!

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